5 Tips for Instagram Marketing

Over 600 million monthly active users, more than 60 million posts per day, 1 billion likes per day, this is recognize  of empire of Instagram. Today, every marketer needs this platform for marketing after the Facebook, LinkedIn. Today Instagram is the important platform for business to customer (B2C) marketing.

When started marketing, it needed a powerful strategy to capture marketplace. Reach to more users, relevant content, Re-marketing, etc. This is the some techniques to use for marketing.

Here are some tips for Instagram marketing:

Switch to a business profile ASAP

Before you start thinking about Instagram marketing, be sure that you have a business account on Instagram. First, convert your current profile to the business account.
The Instagram business account is beneficial for everyone who wants to do marketing on Instagram.
By using this account, you start to do paid marketing and ads on Instagram. Also, you don’t need help with your Facebook account to publish ads.
You can also access the Instagram analytics tool, called Insights that provides you stats of your impressions and reach of your posts.

Use free to try tools

Business profiles on Instagram aren’t all that different from Facebook business profiles.
Through Insights, you can view statistics like impressions, engagement data, and more.
We use free tools like Simply Measured, Iconosquare & InstaFollow to increase your followers and Insights is also one free tool which is used for analytics.
These free tools are priceless because you can use them to understand exactly how users are interacting with your content.

Create sponsored ads

​Instagram ads have become ordinary on the platform.
Which part is best?? Paid ads are most influenced part of the Instagram.
By using Carousel feature, you show single and multiple ads.
First you increase your followers and after you show your photos and updates.
Now, you ready for your sponsored add.

Stories for Leads

If you want to generate more lead, then use Instagram stories. Stories are come in slideshow format and they avail for 24 hours. This story seen at the top of Instagram page. So that, they see to all users. You add all type of content like photos, video, text content, etc. This type of stories branding your products and services if you are looking to do marketing.

Go with attractive hashtags #

The Hashtag is mainly used for to create instant engagement. For example: #Albos #Technologies
Using hash tag, you do free advertising for your product.
Every time someone posts a photo using the tag, they’re exposing your product to their followers.
If you have a slogan or phrase for your product, use hash tag when you share.

Instagram is one of the searching media platform. Instagram is very useful in business to customer (B2C) marketing & very useful for promoting the business.